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2,500-Year-Old Mummy Goes Wireless…

A new wireless sensor installation at the Univ. of Rochester, NY, will ensure the right temperature and humidity for the university’s oldest resident; a 2,500 year-old mummy.

Controlling humidity is extremely importance to keeping the mummy in tip-top shape, according to Jamie Chudyk, Facility Manager for the university’s Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) and its Gill Center, where the mummy resides.

Chudyk is responsible for monitoring the building’s HVAC system, and when it came time to upgrade the Gill Center, he knew he needed a wireless solution because wires couldn’t be run in the walls due to the sensitive nature of its occupant. Chudyk wanted something that would work with the building’s Siemens system so he researched wireless solutions on the internet, where he found BAPI.

After contacting Shayne LaBudda of BAPI, Chudyk ordered and set up the 418 MHz wireless temperature and humidity transmitters in the Gill Center.

One of the benefits of wireless is the ability to easily move transmitters. This benefit paid off right away when temperature readings on the west wall were significantly higher than readings throughout the rest of the room. An investigation found that the wall was actually built over an existing glass window. The wireless sensor was simply moved to another wall and the problem was resolved.

The wireless installation in the Gill Center was an instant success, but Chudyk had another gallery needing attention. The Grand Gallery at MAG hosts traveling art exhibits with new exhibits arriving every 3 months. Because the set-up of the gallery is always changing, Chudyk needed an HVAC solution that could be altered to meet the needs of different shows. Again, he chose the BAPI wireless solution because sensors could be moved around and placed near the items that need special attention in each exhibit.

Chudyk has been using BAPI’s wireless system in the Gill Center for a year-and-a-half and in the Grand Gallery for the past year. He is currently considering using the Field Verifier loaner kit to analyze storage rooms for further wireless installations.