BAPI Adds Solar Panel Field

BAPI Focuses on Environmental Conservation Through Green Initiative “Going Green” has become a common phrase to describe companies who are taking actions within the workplace to better the environment. As more consumers and businesses are looking to partner with organizations focused on green initiatives and sustainability, BAPI has been living up to this ideal since […]

VOC Sensor Helps “Clear the Air” at Hazy Welding Plant

A major manufacturing company has come up with a new application for BAPI’s VOC sensor. They’re literally using it to help clear the air at their main fabricating plant. BAPI designed the VOC sensor as an alternative to CO2 sensors for demand-controlled ventilation, but a growing number of facilities with specific substance concerns are finding […]

BAPI Sensors aid NASA in search for ET

BAPI’s sensors may not have made it into space as yet, but they are now helping the US Government in its study of the solar system and cosmos and even in its search for ET. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of NASA, recently chose BAPI’s immersion sensors for integration into its Deep Space Network […]

BAPI VOC Sensor Overcomes Formaldehyde Challenge

A Mississippi medical school has come up with a new application for BAPI’s Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) sensor. They’re using it to ensure good air quality inside their cadaver laboratory. The human cadavers at the William Carey University lab are stored in a formaldehyde bath inside metal cabinets. Formaldehyde fumes are released into the air […]

Ritch Stevenson’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ritch Stevenson, owner of BAPI was challenged by the BAPI employees to do the ALS ice bucket challenge; to which he accepted! The employees of BAPI raised $250 for ALS and BAPI then matched, for a total donation of $500. Ritch then challenged Dave Meyers of Alps Controls, Brett Yates of Yates Company and Shane […]

BAPI raises the bar with “Touch” and “Fixed Range” pressure sensors

BAPI raised the industry bar for pressure sensors this year with the introduction of two new sensors — the extremely versatile “Touch” Pressure and the economical “Fixed Range” Pressure. ZPT – Touch Pressure The “Touch” Pressure features some of the widest field-selectability of any sensor on the market, including 20 uni-directional and bi-directional Water Column […]

BAPI’s Blü-Test reviewed by The Controls Freak

Abel Ramirez, of The Controls Freak, created three great videos reviewing BAPI’s new Blü-Test: BAPI Blu-Test Unboxing and Review BAPI Blu-Test – Pairing Your Temperature and Humidity Test Probe to Your Phone BAPI Blu-Test Tool – Taking Temperature and Humidity Measurements with Your Phone Click here to learn more about Blü-Test—BAPI’s new Bluetooth temperature and […]

BAPI Goes Green

BAPI is committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices and our products comply with the RoHS directive which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances such as lead and mercury. We also formed a Green Team to educate, promote and implement environmentally friendly practices in our business, community and homes. Within the building, we use carpet […]