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BAPI raises the bar with “Touch” and “Fixed Range” pressure sensors

BAPI raised the industry bar for pressure sensors this year with the introduction of two new sensors — the extremely versatile “Touch” Pressure and the economical “Fixed Range” Pressure.

Without Free Static Pressure ProbeZPT – Touch Pressure
The “Touch” Pressure features some of the widest field-selectability of any sensor on the market, including 20 uni-directional and bi-directional Water Column and Pascal pressure ranges and three outputs. All of these are selected via a user-friendly touch interface on the front of the unit, eliminating the need for dip switches or jumpers. The interface can even be used to set custom ranges in the field.

The included display on the “Touch” unit aids in system troubleshooting because it shows the actual pressure over the entire operational range of the sensor regardless of which individual pressure range is selected for output to the system controller.

Without Free Static Pressure ProbeFRP – Fixed Range Pressure
If field-selectability isn’t an issue, then the “Fixed Range” unit — with one factory set pressure range and output — is the cost-conscious solution. BAPI has a tradition of creating products with a visual indication of system status on the unit itself, similar to the pressure gauges of old. The “Fixed Range” unit follows this tradition with a visible five-color LED showing whether the pressure is under-range, over-range or within the range.

Both the “Touch” and “Fixed Range” units feature a rugged IP66-rated BAPI-Box enclosure with a hinged cover for easy field termination, free static pressure probe and certificate of calibration.