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BAPI Adds Solar Panel Field

BAPI Focuses on Environmental Conservation Through Green Initiative

“Going Green” has become a common phrase to describe companies who are taking actions within the workplace to better the environment. As more consumers and businesses are looking to partner with organizations focused on green initiatives and sustainability, BAPI has been living up to this ideal since our beginning.

BAPI is committed to energy conservation and environmentally-friendly approaches to conducting business.

“At BAPI, we practice what we preach. We’re in the energy savings industry and we can demonstrate that in our green efforts,” said BAPI President, Ritch Stevenson.

BAPI Headquarters with Solar Panels

In 2018, BAPI installed a solar panel field consisting of 288 solar modules on our property in Gays Mills, Wisconsin to help the company significantly offset the cost of electric usage.

This solar field will help deliver up to 27% of the company’s power demands, thus reducing our carbon footprint and taking great strides to conserve energy and live up to our core mission and values.

Installed by North Wind Renewable Energy of Stevens Point, the solar grid will provide BAPI with clean, renewable energy for nearly 30 years to come.

“The solar field at BAPI reduces our peak energy demand and brings us cleaner power to our building equipment, which in turn extends the equipment’s life. Those things combined lead to bringing less electricity and reducing our carbon footprint, which is our agenda as a whole,” said Stevenson.

Known as a grid-tied, solar electric system, the solar field consists of 288 solar modules, each producing 320 watts of power, six 15kW string inverters and the Patriot Solar ground racking system. Altogether it is estimated to generate 111,600 kWh per year.

Over the course of one year, the panels will eliminate 123 tons of carbon emissions which is equivalent to 9,300 gallons of gasoline per year, 90,000 pounds of coal burned per year or 191 barrels of oil consumed per year.

“BAPI continues to live the belief that what we do has a direct impact on not only the environment, but also the people,” said Stevenson. “By utilizing solar power, we are not only reducing our dependency on natural resources, but we are also contributing to a cleaner, better environment. Over the years we have instituted a Green Initiative that is devoted to cutting the amount of energy we use and the addition of this solar grid is a huge step in that direction.”

Beyond the solar field, BAPI’s commitment to green initiatives can be seen through a variety of applications, including repurposing corrugate for flexible dunnage and repurposing cartons for re-shipments. BAPI also utilizes sensors and timers within our facility to reduce energy with office lights and television monitors.

BAPI continues to explore additional methods to develop clean power, reduce waste and conserve energy as a core part of our business. Click here to learn more about BAPI’s commitment to environmental conservation.