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BAPI Goes Green

BAPI is committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices and our products comply with the RoHS directive which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances such as lead and mercury.

We also formed a Green Team to educate, promote and implement environmentally friendly practices in our business, community and homes.

Within the building, we use carpet and paint with low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), energy efficient light bulbs, biodegradable cleaning products, low consumption toilets and recycled packing material rather than packing peanuts.

Other initiatives of the BAPI Green team include:

  • Promote green efforts with messages throughout the building and in our company newsletter, the BAPI-Chat;
  • Built a float for the Gays Mills Apple Fest parade made of reused materials and pulled by an electric vehicle. The Tossers (ring Frisbees) that we threw to the crowd were made of recycled plastic;
  • Bought a Kill-A-Watt tool so staff can measure appliance electricity usage in their homes and replace with energy efficient appliances as needed;
  • Shut off the unnecessary lights inside the soda machines in the building to save 2,353 kilowatts a year ($200);
  • Monitored refrigerator usage in the cafeteria and removed one refrigerator, saving 5,470 kilowatts a year ($450);
  • Offer cell phone and battery recycling to employees;
  • Encourage the use of  the electronic version of our product catalog to save paper;
  • Use paper that is made of 40% recycled material and comes from renewable forests;

BAPI continues to look into additional opportunities as well, including solar energy, building LEED certification, catching water runoff for irrigation and several others.