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Because in today’s buildings, one size doesn’t fit all

BAPI makes a complete line of high quality temperature sensors for nearly every area of a facility. The sensors feature a wide array of custom outputs so they are compatible with all lines of BAS controllers. The line of room sensors is available with optional display, temperature setpoint adjustment, occupant override, and fan speed and mode control. The non-room units are available with multiple enclosure styles with ratings from IP10/NEMA 1 to watertight IP66/NEMA 4X.


BAPI’s patented room sensors are designed to fit any taste. Units such as the paintable Button sensor and the flush Decora Style sensor blend in with any decor, while the versatile BAPI-Stat “Quantum” and “Quantum Prime” feature large easy-to-read displays and even wipedown capability for operating rooms and clean rooms.

BAPI-Stat Quantum Slim in white and black

BAPI-Stat Quantum Slim

  • Wide selection of temperature sensing elements
  • Available in white or black
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Quantum temperature sensor with pushbuttons

BAPI-Stat Quantum

  • Sleek, modern enclosure
  • Pushbutton or slider setpoint adjustment
  • Optional fan speed and mode control
BAPI-Stat Quantum Prime

BAPI-Stat Quantum Prime

  • Large LCD display
  • Membrane keypad for wipedown cleaning
  • Temperature and humidity setpoint adjustment
button sensor in black and white

Low Profile Button Sensor

  • Small, flush sensor mounting
  • Accurate direct air measurement
  • Paintable with latex or oil based paint
Decora wallplate sensor

Decora Style Room Unit

  • Sensor fits inside a Decora Style rocker switch plate cover
  • LCD Display
  • Optional setpoint adjustment


The non-room sensors include not only multiple duct, averaging and immersion units, but also specialty sensors such as clamp and strap units, remote probes, thermobuffers for freezers and coolers, and extreme temperature units.

duct sensor, remote sensor, and a thermobuffer sensor
Duct Sensor in BAPI-Box Crossover enclosure

Duct Sensors

  • Series 304 stainless steel probes
  • Double encapsulated sensors & etched Teflon leads
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Duct averaging sensor in a BAPI-Box Crossover enclosure

Averaging Sensors

  • Averaging lengths: 8′, 12′ and 24′
  • Closed cell foam backing
  • Double encapsulated sensors & etched Teflon leads
Immersion sensor in a BAPI-Box Crossover enclosure

Immersion Sensors

  • Probe lengths: 2″, 4″ & 8″ (fit standard BAPI thermowell lengths)
  • Series 304 stainless steel probes
  • Double encapsulated sensors & etched Teflon leads
Remote probe with a BAPI-Box Crossover enclosure

Remote Probes

  • Double encapsulated sensor
  • Plenum or FEP cable
  • FEP-jacketed cable available in 5 color choices
Thermobuffer sensor in a BAPI-Box Crossover enclosure

Thermobuffer Sensor

  • Fluid-filled chamber tracks temperature of freezer or cooler contents, not air temperature, decreasing false alarms
  • Easy wall mount or wire shelf hanger
  • Available in stainless steel or aluminum