BAPI Specialty Sensors and Accessories

BAPI makes a complete line of accessories for the HVAC/R industry including power supplies, voltage converters, thermostat guards, leak detectors and test instruments. All units are designed to make installation easier and more reliable, or to solve common industry challenges and shortcomings.

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Specialty Sensors

BAPI’s line of specialty sensors can help you with select problems in your commercial buildings. Our line includes water leak detectors, door monitor alarms, and outside light level sensors.

BAPI's Water Leak Detectors

Water Leak Detectors

  • Detection within 5 seconds with local LED alarm indication
  • 5 amp or 0.5 amp relays @ 30VAC/DC
  • One piece, rope or remote sensor design
DMA with Door Status LEDs

Door Monitor Alarm

  • For Use with Normally Closed (NC) Door Switches
  • Door Status LEDs
  • Two Auxiliary Relays with Status LEDs
  • Audible Annunciator
  • User Selectable Time Periods
Outdoor Light Level Sensor

Outdoor Light Level Sensor

  • 0 to 2,000 Lux or 0 to 875 Foot Candle Ranges
  • Extremely Sensitive, Even in Dim Lighting
    (<10 Foot Candle or 108 Lux)
  • Rugged and Watertight Enclosure
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We have a wide range of accessories solutions for common HVAC/R industry problems. BAPI’s power supplies and voltage converters are available in compact, single-output 350mA models or in multiple-output two and three amp models. The BAPI-Guard is one of the few thermostat guards on the market that is rugged and attractive and yet has exceptional airflow.

vc350a-ez mounted on snaptrack

VC350A-EZ Voltage

  • Self-resetting thermal fuse
  • Operation and fault LED indicators
  • Output protected against overload and accidental shorting
Weather Shade with outside air sensor

Weather Shade

  • Improves accuracy by blocking solar heat gain
  • Simple and sturdy mounting method
  • UV-Stabilized plastic prevents yellowing


  • Prevents tampering, damage and unauthorized adjustment
  • Exceptional airflow for proper thermostat operation
  • Low profile design
Flexible Probe Bracket

Flexible Probe Bracket

  • Quick and easy mounting of averaging sensors
  • Eliminates risk of kinking and damaging the probe
  • Scored break off for 1/4” rigid probe mounting
  • Nylon material limits heat/cold conduction to the probe
PDM - Power Distribution Module

Power Distribution Module

  • 3 or 5 Circuit Power Distribution
  • 12 to 30 VAC/VDC Operation
  • Master Power Switch w/ 10 Amp Breaker
  • Individual Circuit Power Switches
  • Individual 3 Amp Circuit Protection
  • Power and Fault LEDs
vc2000 with backplate

VC2000 Voltage Converter

  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Regulated and adjustable 1.2 VDC to 24 VDC output
  • Output protected against overload and accidental short circuit
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