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BAPI Blü-Test

Overview of BAPI’s NIST-Traceable Test Instrument Suite with data logging and smart device communication.

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  • BAPI Blü-Test

    BAPI Blü-Test

    Overview of BAPI's NIST-Traceable Test Instrument Suite with data logging…

  • Wireless HVAC

    Wireless HVAC

    Overview of BAPI's Wireless temperature and humidity sensors for HVAC/R.

  • Pressure


    Overview of BAPI's field-selectable panel mount, IP44 and IP66 pressure…

  • Pressure Ports

    Pressure Ports

    Overview of BAPI's Pressure Pickup Ports for walls, ceiling tiles…

  • Outside Air

    Outside Air

    Overview of BAPI's outside air temperature or temperature and humidity…

  • Weather Shade

    Weather Shade

    Overview of BAPI's Weather Shade that reduces solar heat gain…

  • Duct Temp

    Duct Temp

    Overview of BAPI's duct temperature sensors and the five enclosure…

  • Duct Humidity

    Duct Humidity

    Overview of BAPI's Duct Humidity or Temp/Humidity combination sensors.

  • Duct Averaging

    Duct Averaging

    Overview of BAPI's duct averaging sensor and five enclosure styles

  • Immersion


    Overview of BAPI's immersion temperature sensors and four enclosure styles.

  • "Quantum"


    Overview of the BAPI-Stat "Quantum" room temperature or temperature &…

  • "Quantum Prime"

    "Quantum Prime"

    Overview of the BAPI-Stat "Quantum Prime" temperature and humidity sensor.

  • Thermobuffers


    Overview of BAPI's Thermobuffer temperature sensors for freezers and coolers.

  • VOC Room

    VOC Room

    Overview of the BAPI-Stat "Quantum" and "Quantum Prime" VOC sensors…

  • VOC Duct Sensor

    VOC Duct Sensor

    Overview of BAPI's VOC sensors for Ductwork and Rough Service…

  • CO2 Room

    CO2 Room

    Overview of the BAPI-Stat "Quantum" and "Quantum Prime" CO2 sensors…

  • CO2 Duct Sensor

    CO2 Duct Sensor

    Overview of BAP's CO2 sensors for Ductwork and Rough Service…

  • CO Sensors

    CO Sensors

    Overview of BAPI's Family of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensors for…

  • NO2 Sensors

    NO2 Sensors

    Overview of BAPI's programmable NO2 sensors for ductwork or rough…

  • Particulates


    Overview of BAPI's room and duct Particulate Matter sensors.

  • Water Leak Det.

    Water Leak Det.

    Overview of BAPI's Water Leak Detectors with attached sensor, remote…

  • BAPI-Guard


    Overview of the BAPI-Guard Thermostat Protector from BAPI

  • Voltage Convert.

    Voltage Convert.

    Overview of BAPI's 350mA AC to DC Voltage Converter

  • Decora Sensor

    Decora Sensor

    Overview of BAPI's Decora Style sensor that fits inside a…

  • "Button" Sensor

    "Button" Sensor

    Overview of BAPI's Low Profile "Button" temperature sensor.

  • Wall Plates

    Wall Plates

    Overview of BAPI's Wall Plate temperature sensors with optional override…

  • Strap Units

    Strap Units

    Overview of BAPI's Clamp and Strap Sensors for measuring fluid…

  • Concave Probes

    Concave Probes

    Overview of BAPI's Concave Remote Probes for measuring pipe surface…

  • Concave Probe Transmitter

    Concave Probe Transmitter

    Overview of BAPI's Concave Remote Probe Transmitter for measuring pipe…

  • Duct Transmitter

    Duct Transmitter

    Overview of BAPI's Duct Temperature Transmitters with field-selectable outputs

  • Averaging Transmitters

    Averaging Transmitters

    Overview of BAPI's Duct Averaging Transmitters with field selectable 4-20mA,…

  • Immersion Transmitters

    Immersion Transmitters

    Overview of BAPI's Immersion Temperature Transmitters with field selectable 4-20mA,…

  • Strap Transmitters

    Strap Transmitters

    Overview of BAPI's Strap and Clamp Temperature Transmitters for measuring…

  • BAPI will be represented at several upcoming tradeshows around the…

  • BAPI is celebrating Manufacturing Month and while our people are…

  • BAPI is celebrating Manufacturing Month and we wanted to showcase…

  • Our story began 30 years ago today, on October 19,…

  • BAPI started in a humble, two-car garage in Cross Plains,…

  • BAPI is celebrating 30 years in business and 30 years…

  • BAPI Overview

    BAPI Overview

    "Changing the way you think about sensors..." since 1993

  • BAPI-Guard


    BAPI-Guard survives baseball bat beating from BAPI President.

  • BAPI-Guard


    BAPI-Guard survives cricket bat beating from BAPI President.

  • CO2 Accuracy

    CO2 Accuracy

    Barometric pressure compensation keeps BAPI CO2 sensor accurate.

  • The Story of BAPI

    The Story of BAPI

    Building Automation Products Inc., sensors for HVAC/R since 1993.

  • Cornell SiloHouse

    Cornell SiloHouse

    BAPI Wireless System in Cornell's Solar Decathlon SiloHouse.

  • Bald Eagles

    Bald Eagles

    Local Life - A view of the some of the…

  • Fall Colors

    Fall Colors

    Local Life - The beautiful changing colors of fall in…

  • Apple Orchards

    Apple Orchards

    Local Life - A look at some of the apple…

  • Apple Fest

    Apple Fest

    Local Life - The Annual Apple Fest celebration and parade…

  • Kickapoo River

    Kickapoo River

    Local Life - A bit of history on the Kickapoo…

  • Stump Dodger

    Stump Dodger

    Local Life - The annual 4th of July "Stump Dodger…

  • Tainter Creek

    Tainter Creek

    Local Life - The annual "Tainter Creek Days" event celebrates…

  • Eagle Cave

    Eagle Cave

    Local Life - A descent into Eagle Cave near BAPI,…

  • Maple Sugaring

    Maple Sugaring

    Local Life - A look at maple syrup production --…

  • Wild Turkey

    Wild Turkey

    Local Life - An overview of the successful restoration of…

  • Snocross


    Local Life - The annual Snocross and Ski Jump events…

  • Ice Fishing Day

    Ice Fishing Day

    Local Life - Scenes from the "Kids Ice Fishing Day"…

  • Cornfields


    Local Life - A look at local cornfields as they…

  • Red & Gold

    Red & Gold

    Local Life - Autumn's beautiful reds, oranges and yellows.

  • Harvest Fest

    Harvest Fest

    Local Life - The annual "Harvest Festival" and parade in…

  • KVR Challenge

    KVR Challenge

    Local Life - The annual paddle and bike competition at…

  • Wild West Days

    Wild West Days

    Local Life - A trip back in time every summer…

  • Art Festival

    Art Festival

    Local Life - The "Driftless Art Festival" every July showcases…

  • Unique Birds

    Unique Birds

    Local Life - A look at some of the herons,…

  • Fire Dancing

    Fire Dancing

    Local Life - A striking performance by the Driftless Fire…

  • Ribbon Clouds

    Ribbon Clouds

    Local Life - A time lapse view of the ribbon…

  • Utica Church

    Utica Church

    Local Life - Norwegian traditions live on at the Utica…

  • Ice Caves

    Ice Caves

    Local Life - A look inside the ice caves that…

  • KVR Winter Fest

    KVR Winter Fest

    Local Life - The annual festival at the Kickapoo Valley…

  • Corn Harvest

    Corn Harvest

    Local Life - Familiar scenes of the harvest every fall…

  • Autumn Beauty

    Autumn Beauty

    Local Life - The beautiful colors that draw the "leafers"…

  • Apple Harvest

    Apple Harvest

    Local Life - Scenes of the apple picking at the…

  • Apple Fest

    Apple Fest

    Local Life - Thousands of people descend on the small…

  • County Fairs

    County Fairs

    Local Life - A view of the local county fairs…

  • Farmers Markets

    Farmers Markets

    Local Life - Farm fresh fruits and vegetables on display…

  • Kickapoo River

    Kickapoo River

    Local Life - A look at the "Crooked River" as…

  • Dairy Farming

    Dairy Farming

    Local Life - A look at milk production in the…

  • Sidie Hollow

    Sidie Hollow

    Local Life - The many attractions of the Sidie Hollow…

  • Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking

    Local Life - A ride on one of the many…

  • Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing

    Local Life - Casting in one of the many Class…

  • Lock & Dam

    Lock & Dam

    Local Life - A time lapse view of one of…