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Setting a new standard for versatility and ease of installation…

BAPI makes one of the most complete lines of pressure sensors found in the HVAC/R industry. The sensors feature multiple field-selectable pressure ranges and outputs so they are compatible with any location and any BAS controller. The units are designed for mounting at the site or in the control panel with accompanying pressure pickup ports for room, duct and outside air.

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Pressure Sensors

BAPI’s pressure line sets a new standard for ease of installation and functionality. The EZ panel unit allow surface, snaptrack or DIN rail mounting with all the ranges and outputs set via a dial and button on the face of the unit. The newest unit, the Zone Pressure Multi-Sensor (ZPM) is the most versatile one on the market with ranges, outputs, units, directionality and response time all quickly set in the field without power or tools.

BAPI Pressure Sensors
ZPM Pressure sensor

ZPM Pressure Sensor

  • 10 field selectable pressure ranges and 5 field selectable outputs
  • Ranges and outputs can be set without powering the unit
  • Free NIST certificate included with each unit
EZ pressure sensor

EZ Pressure Sensor

  • 10 field selectable pressure ranges and 3 field selectable outputs
  • Free NIST certificate included with each unit
  • Snaptrack, DIN rail or surface mounting
FRP pressure sensor

FRP Pressure Sensor

  • One third cost savings over our field-selectable models
  • Five-color LED pressure indication
  • Free NIST certificate included with each unit
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Pressure Switches

BAPI offers two styles of field-adjustable Differential Pressure Switches for air filter and fan status monitoring, and static pressure and air flow proving. The BAPI-Box unit can be used in safety circuits because of its UL 353 Limit Control Listing and has seven ranges covering pressure from 0.12″ to 35″ WC. The economical Beck unit has three ranges covering pressures from .08″ to 4″ WC.

BAPI Pressure Switches
Adjustable Pressure Switch

Beck Pressure Switch

  • Designed for monitoring overpressure, vacuum and differential pressure of air or other non-combustible, non-aggressive gases
  • Field-adjustable dial allows you to select any trip value within each pressure range
  • Tubing and two total tubes included
Pressure Switch

Differential Pressure Switch

  • Easy to access field adjustable setpoint from 0.1″ to 3.5″ W.C.
  • Can be used for safety controls due to the UL 353 listing
  • 5 Amp silver contacts