Particulate Matter Awards

BAPI is again honored to be recognized for our innovative particulate matter sensor products that continue to improve people’s lives, affording them peace of mind knowing that the air they breathe is top quality.

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Particulate Sensors

BAPI’s Particulate sensors help you measure what is coming in your buildings. Particulate Matter (PM) is often referred to as dust, but it is more than the common dust that settles on your flat screen TV. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines it as a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. Although most particulates are not in the shape of a circle, “diameter” is often used to describe the size of particulates.

BAPI's HVAC Duct and room Particulate Sensors
Particulate Sensor in a BAPI-Stat "Quantum" Enclosure

BAPI-Stat Quantum Particulate Sensor

  • Laser-based, light scattering particle sensing with 10 year expected lifetime
  • Field selectable; particulate size and output
  • Modern style Quantum enclosure
Duct Particulate Sensor

BAPI-Box Duct Particulate Sensor

  • Rugged IP66-rated enclosure
  • Field selectable; particulate size and output
  • Aspiration tube adjusts for vertical or horizontal airflow
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The particulate matter sensors continue to win awards, year after year, and why wouldn’t they? Each sensor gives you superior indoor air quality by using the easy-to-install, field selectable, and rugged IP66-rated enclosure to measure the effectiveness of your MERV filters and assist with allergen reduction.

BAPI's HVAC Duct and room Particulate Sensors

2021 HVR Awards

HVAC Initiative

of the Year


2022 BCIA Awards

Technical Innovation

of the Year – Products


2022 CSA Awards

Product Innovation

of the Year

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