BAPI Blü-Test

Overview of BAPI’s suite of NIST-traceable wireless test instruments.

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  • BAPI Blü-Test

    BAPI Blü-Test

    Overview of BAPI's suite of NIST-traceable wireless test instruments.

  • Outside Air

    Outside Air

    Overview of BAPI's outside air temperature or temperature and humidity…

  • Duct Temp

    Duct Temp

    Overview of BAPI's duct temperature sensors and the five enclosure…

  • Immersion


    Overview of BAPI's immersion temperature sensors and four enclosure styles.

  • Duct Averaging

    Duct Averaging

    Overview of BAPI's duct averaging sensor and five enclosure styles

  • "Quantum"


    Overview of the BAPI-Stat "Quantum" room temperature or temperature &…

  • BAPI Pressure

    BAPI Pressure

    The ZPM, EZ and FRP Pressure Sensors.

  • BAPI's ZPM

    BAPI's ZPM

    Overview of BAPI's ZPM pressure sensor.

  • BAPI Overview

    BAPI Overview

    "Changing the way you think about sensors..." since 1993

  • Thermobuffers


    BAPI sensors designed for freezers & coolers

  • "Quantum Prime"

    "Quantum Prime"

    BAPI wipedown sensor with temp & humidity setpoint.

  • BAPI Room VOC

    BAPI Room VOC

    BAPI’s “Quantum” & “Quantum Prime” room VOC sensors

  • BAPI Room CO2

    BAPI Room CO2

    BAPI's "Quantum" & "Quantum Prime" room CO2 sensors

  • Weather Shade

    Weather Shade

    BAPI cover for outdoor sensors that reduces solar heat gain.

  • Clamp & Strap

    Clamp & Strap

    BAPI's Strap-On and Clamp-On pipe temperature sensors.

  • Decora Style

    Decora Style

    BAPI temp sensor that fits in a rocker switch plate.

  • "Button" Sensor

    "Button" Sensor

    BAPI's tiny, paintable wall temp sensor.

  • BAPI-Guard


    BAPI-Guard survives baseball bat beating from BAPI President.

  • BAPI-Guard


    BAPI-Guard survives cricket bat beating from BAPI President.

  • CO2 Accuracy

    CO2 Accuracy

    Barometric pressure compensation keeps BAPI CO2 sensor accurate.

  • The Story of BAPI

    The Story of BAPI

    Building Automation Products Inc., sensors for HVAC/R since 1993.

  • Cornell SiloHouse

    Cornell SiloHouse

    BAPI Wireless System in Cornell's Solar Decathlon SiloHouse.

  • Bald Eagles

    Bald Eagles

    Bald Eagles around BAPI - 2020 December

  • Fall Colors

    Fall Colors

    Southwestern Wisconsin fall colors - 2020 November

  • Apple Orchards

    Apple Orchards

    Gays Mills, WI, Apple Orchards - 2020 October

  • Apple Fest

    Apple Fest

    Annual Apple Fest celebration in Gays Mills - 2020 Sept.

  • Kickapoo River

    Kickapoo River

    The Kickapoo River of Southwestern WI - 2020 Aug.

  • Stump Dodger

    Stump Dodger

    Gays Mills campground with annual music festival - 2020 July.

  • Tainter Creek

    Tainter Creek

    Celebration of restored local trout stream - 2020 June.

  • Eagle Cave

    Eagle Cave

    Wisconsin's largest onyx cave, located near BAPI - 2020 May

  • Maple Sugaring

    Maple Sugaring

    Making maple syrup in southwestern WI - 2020 April.

  • Wild Turkey

    Wild Turkey

    Reintroducing wild turkey to southwestern WI - 2020 March.

  • Snocross


    Local Snocross & Ski Jumping events - 2020 February.

  • Ice Fishing

    Ice Fishing

    Ice fishing area rivers & lakes - 2020 Jan.

  • Cornfields


    The changing look of local cornfields - 2019 Dec.

  • Red & Gold

    Red & Gold

    The area's beautiful fall colors - 2019 Nov.

  • Harvest Fest

    Harvest Fest

    Annual fall festival in Viroqua, WI - 2019 Oct.

  • Dam Challenge

    Dam Challenge

    Annual paddle and bike competition - 2019 Sept.

  • Wild West Days

    Wild West Days

    A trip back in time in Viroqua, WI - 2019…

  • Art Festival

    Art Festival

    The annual Driftless Art Festival - 2019 July.

  • Unique Birds

    Unique Birds

    Large birds of the Kickapoo River - 2019 June.

  • Fire Dancing

    Fire Dancing

    A performance by the Driftless Fire Tribe - 2019 May.

  • Ribbon Clouds

    Ribbon Clouds

    Kickapoo River ribbon clouds time lapse - 2019 April.

  • Utica Church

    Utica Church

    Norwegian traditions at the Utica Lutheran Church - 2019 March.

  • Ice Caves

    Ice Caves

    Inside the ice caves around BAPI - 2019 Feb.

  • KVR Winter Fest

    KVR Winter Fest

    Annual fest at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve - 2019 Jan.

  • Corn Harvest

    Corn Harvest

    Harvesting the local corn crop - 2018 Dec.

  • Autumn Beauty

    Autumn Beauty

    The colors of the autumn season - 2018 Nov.

  • Apple Harvest

    Apple Harvest

    Apple picking at the local orchards - 2018 Oct.

  • Apple Fest

    Apple Fest

    Gays Mills annual festival - 2018 Sept.

  • County Fairs

    County Fairs

    A view of the local county fairs - 2018 Aug.

  • Farmers Markets

    Farmers Markets

    Local farm fresh fruits and vegetables - 2018 July.

  • Kickapoo River

    Kickapoo River

    A look at the "Crooked River" - 2018 June.

  • Dairy Farming

    Dairy Farming

    Producing milk in the area around BAPI - 2018 May

  • Sidie Hollow

    Sidie Hollow

    The many attractions of a local lake - 2018 April.

  • Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking

    A ride on the local trails - 2018 March.

  • Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing

    Casting in the local rivers and streams - 2018 Feb.

  • Lock & Dam

    Lock & Dam

    Mississippi River lock and dams - 2018 Jan.