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From simple offices to the most challenging of spaces…

BAPI makes a complete line of high quality humidity or temperature/humidity sensors for room , duct and outside air applications. The sensors feature a wide array of custom outputs so they are compatible with all lines of BAS controllers. The line of room sensors is available with optional display, temperature measurement, humidity or temperature setpoint adjustment and occupant override. The duct and outside air sensors feature two of BAPI’s patented easy-to-install enclosures — the IP10 or IP44 BAPI-Box Crossover an the watertight IP66/NEMA 4X BAPI-Box.

Humidity Sensors

BAPI offers patented room sensors for typical office, commercial or retain spaces such as the attractive BAPI-Stat Quantum series. BAPI also offers patented sensors for the most challenging of locations, such as the wipedown BAPI-Stat Quantum Prime and BAPI-Stat 3 units for operating rooms and clean rooms, and the Vivarium washdown unit for animal laboratories. The humidity lineup also inlcudes a ModBus and Dewpoint sensor along with the BAPI-Com, which can provide temperature and humidity measurement, temperature setpoint and occupant override all on only two wires.

BAPI Humidity Sensors
BAPI-Stat Quantum temperature and humidity room sensor

BAPI-Stat Quantum

  • Sleek, modern enclosure
  • Temperature, humidity and room occupancy status display
  • Higher contrast display for improved clarity at increased distances
Quantum Prime room sensor

BAPI-Stat Quantum Prime

  • Large LCD display
  • Membrane keypad for wipedown cleaning
  • Temperature and humidity setpoint adjustment
Outside Air Humidity Sensor

BAPI-Box 2 Outside Air

  • BAPI-Box 2, IP66/NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Humidity only or temperature and humidity combination
  • 2% and 3% RH accuracies
Duct humidity sensor

BAPI-Box Crossover Duct Humidity

  • Small, flush sensor mounting
  • Accurate direct air measurement
  • Paintable with latex or oil based paint