Website Help

Read below to learn about the numerous tools and features available on

User Accounts

Creating a web account allows you to take full advantage of exclusive benefits and site features, such as:

  1. Discounted Pricing: All accounts receive an immediate 10% discount off list prices. Upon internal review, you may also be eligible for additional discounts based on company type and purchase volume. Web users with established BAPI billing accounts will be updated to reflect existing multipliers. New accounts are reviewed within 1 business day of creation.
    Note:  All purchases made by credit card prior to this review will reflect prices shown at checkout.
  2. Job Estimates: Create unlimited job estimates and save them until you’re ready to purchase.
  3. Favorite Products: Save frequently purchased or complex part numbers for quick retrieval and ordering.
  4. Order History: View your online purchases and tracking information on current orders.

Online Ordering

Ready to buy?  Just add configured products to your cart, select the “View Cart and Checkout” link and complete the necessary information and you’re done.  You’ll receive email notifications on the status of your order, or view them all by clicking the “Order History” link on your “Account Details” page.

Site Search

Looking for our new “BAPI-Com” or “IEQ” products?   Just enter the product name or search phrase in the site search box in the upper right and click “Go”!   The search will return all products that include your phrase in the product name, description or part number, as well as any videos that include your search phrase in the title.

Part Number Search

If you already know your part number (or even part of it), just enter it into the search box in the upper right and click “Go”!   Not only will you get a list of all possible products configurations that match that part number, the particular product options you’ve searched for will be pre-selected in the “Buy / Configure” tab in each individual product, ready to be added to your cart or finished in your desired configuration.

Browse Products

Just want to see what BAPI has available?  Know what you’re looking for but not sure of the part number?  Clicking the “Browse Product” categories in the left navigation allows you to view all products or narrow them down to the specific product you need.

Product Configurations contains literally millions of possible part number configurations.  Fortunately, you don’t have to know any of them!  Instead, simply browse and select the “base” product you want, then configure it to meet your specific needs. Notes are provided to guide you through each step of the process and our sales and customer service team are just a call away if you’d like some help!