Free Ground Shipping


On all orders in the contiguous United States

*Terms and Conditions Apply


free ground shipping in the contiguous united states

Another BAPI Original

At BAPI, we strive to be leaders in our industry by providing innovative, high quality products and services designed with you in mind. We are now proud to offer Free Ground Shipping on all orders in the contiguous United States. There’s no price increase or minimum order quantity. It’s just another way we are changing the way you think about sensors.

*BAPI offers free ground shipping on all contiguous United States orders. All contiguous U.S. expedited shipping requests will be prepaid by BAPI and added to your invoice.


Does the free shipping program include Alaska or Hawaii?

No. Alaskan and Hawaiian customers will have shipping added to their invoice. Customers in Guam and Puerto Rico will also have shipping added to their invoices.

Can a customer have BAPI put shipping charges on their UPS or Fed Ex account?


What if a customer wants their order expedited?

BAPI is happy to expedite orders and will add the cost of expedited shipping to the customer’s invoice.

Can a customer use their account for expedited orders?


What should international customers expect?

There is no change to BAPI’s international shipping policy.

Can international customers have their shipping accounts billed?

Yes. Please note: if an international customer is shipping to a domestic location, it will follow the domestic rules.

What will the expedited rate be?

BAPI will charge world ship rate, which is less than published rate.

Can a customer request a specific carrier?

Most certainly. A customer can choose UPS, Fed Ex or SpeeDee.

Does this program include residential delivery?


If a customer gives us an invalid address the first time around who will pay the shipping on the second shipment?

It will be prepay and add with charges and fees billed as a line item.

If a customer refuses a shipment, who will pay to resend the order?

It will be prepay and add with charges and fees billed as a line item.