Duct Particulate Sensors

Duct Particulate – Tune your Particulate Matter Mitigation Strategy

BAPI’s award-winning Particulate Matter sensor is available in a duct unit for complete zone coverage. Measuring in the return air ductwork, rather than at a single location within each room, provides a more accurate picture of the entire zone while freeing up wall space. In addition, installing a sensor at the air intake to go along with the return air unit shows the effectiveness of your entire filtration system, ensuring that your particulate matter mitigation strategy is working and providing superior indoor air quality.

The versatile design of the asperation tube enables the installer to easily adjust a quarter turn to accommodate for horizontal or vertical airflow. 


  • Field selectable; particulate size and output
  • Rugged IP66-rated enclosure
  • Aspiration tube adjusts for vertical or horizontal airflow
  • Helps you measure the effectiveness of your MERV filters
  • Assists with allergen reduction while freeing up wall space


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