2,500 Year Old Mummy Goes Wireless

A new wireless sensor installation at the University of Rochester, New York, will ensure the right temperature and humidity for the university’s oldest resident; a 2,500 year old Egyptian mummy.

Controlling humidity is extremely important to keeping the mummy in tiptop shape, according to Jamie Chudyk, facility manager for the university’s Memorial Art Gallery where the mummy resides. Chudyk is responsible for the building’s HVAC system, and when it came time to upgrade, he needed a wireless solution because he didn’t want to tear up the walls to run wires and didn’t want to disturb the gallery displays. He also needed something that would work with the building’s DDC system from Siemens, so he researched wireless solutions on the internet and found BAPI.

After consulting with a sales representative at BAPI, Chudyk ordered and set up the 418 MHz wireless temperature and humidity system at the gallery. One of the benefits of going wireless is the ability to easily move transmitters throughout the room. This benefit paid off for Chudyk right away when temperature readings on the west wall of one room were significantly higher than readings throughout the rest of the room. Chudyk investigated and found that the wall was actually built over an existing glass window. The sensor was relocated toanother wall and the problem was resolved.

Besides correcting a problem in one of the rooms, the ability to move sensors around comes in handy on a
regular basis in the main room of the gallery. This room hosts traveling art exhibits that change every 3 months. With
each new exhibit, Chudyk moves the wireless sensors around to keep them near objects that need special attention. This is a selling point for potential exhibitors, who often inquire about the temperature and humidity control in the gallery,
Chudyk said.