Air quality matters
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BAPI-Stat 4 VOC Sensor BAPI-Stat 3 VOC Sensor VOC Duct Sensor VOC Rough Service Unit

BAPI-Stat 4

BAPI-Stat 3

BAPI-Box Duct

Ventilated BAPI-Box

The BAPI-Stat 4 VOC sensor is a VOC-only unit with an optional 3-color LED on the front to indicate the current VOC level. The BAPI-Stat 3 VOC unit can be ordered with temperature and humidity sensing all in one enclosure. It is ideal for room applications. The Duct VOC unit comes with an aspiration tube and rugged enclosure with an attached, hinged cover. It can also be ordered with an LED indicator. The ventilated BAPI-Box provides a rugged enclosure for rough-service applications. The vents in the sides allow for a fast reaction time.