Wireless Remote Probe Temperature Transmitter, 418 MHz

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Wireless Remote Temperature Transmitter

Wireless Remote Probe Temperature Transmitters feature a 1.75” stainless steel probe with either plenum-rated or FEP-jacketed cable and a watertight BAPI-Box Enclosure. They are ideal for hard-to-access areas where an immersion or duct sensor does not fit well.

The unit transmits the temperature through 418MHz RF to a receiver up to 100 feet away. It has an estimated battery life of 8 years with a transmit rate of about once every 20 seconds. Analog Output Modules attached to the receiver convert the data to a voltage, current or resistive signal for the BAS.

  • 8 Year Battery Life
  • 100 Foot Range, Extendable to 1,000 Feet with Repeater
  • Data is Converted to a Voltage, Current or Resistance for the BAS
Popular Configurations
  • With FEP-Jacketed Cable
  • With Plenum-Rate Cable

Datasheet for Submittal

Instruction Sheet

Special Document

  • Measuring the Temperature of Small Pipes with Remote Probes – Application Note

    When thermowells are too big to fit into small pipes, you can still measure water temperature by strapping a small, wired temperature probe to the pipe.  BAPI recommends using the remote probe with FEP jacketed …

  • BAPI Non-Room Enclosure Styles – Application Note

    BAPI offers six enclosure styles for our non-room sensors. These enclosure include the Junction Box, the Weatherproof Enclosure (or “Bell Box”), the Weather Tight Enclosure, and the BAPI-Box, BAPI-Box 2 and BAPI-Box 4.   Junction Box The Junction …

  • IEC Enclosure Ratings Overview – Application Note

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  • NEMA Enclosure Ratings – Application Note

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  • UL94 Flammability Rating – Application Note

    All of BAPI’s indoor sensor bodies and transmitter enclosures are made from UL94, V-0 rated plastics. UL94 serves as a preliminary indication of a plastic’s acceptability for use as part of a device or appliance with …


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