Wireless BAPI-Stat “Quantum Slim” Temperature Sensor, 900 MHz

Part Number: BA/WT900-QSL

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Wireless 900MHz BAPI-Stat “Quantum Slim” Temperature Sensor

The BAPI-Stat “Quantum Slim” Wireless Temperature Sensor is designed to monitor temperature inside refrigerator and freezer cases. The unit mounts on the outside of freezer units and can be mounted either inside or outside of refrigerator units. It is available with an internal or an external sensor. The external sensor’s FEP cable can easily fit between the door seal or through hole without affecting appliance efficiency. The temperature is then transmitted to the receiver with a measurement range of -40 to 185˚F (-40 to 85˚C).  The unit can also be ordered with wired power rather than battery power.

Each sensor has customizable transmission rate and transmission power for optimum battery life and reliability. The system uses “smart logic” to find and secure a clean frequency channel rather than “frequency hopping”.

  • Up to 275 Foot In-Building Range
  • Built in or Remote Temperature Sensor
  • Gateway Provides Data to the BAS via TCP/IP, JSON or BACnet IP


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