VOC Room Sensor, BAPI-Stat “Quantum Prime” Enclosure

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BAPI-Stat “Quantum Prime” VOC Sensor

Humans respirate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as well as CO2. The BAPI sensor is able to measure these VOCs and indicate when a space is occupied just as well as a CO2 sensor. The advantage of the VOC sensor is that it measures air contaminants from other sources besides respiration, such as building materials, cleaners, perfumes and furniture and carpet off-gassing. Using this sensor for Demand Controlled Ventilation then is a way of achieving true indoor air quality, rather than just CO2 dilution. A further benefit is that it requires no additional work on your part. That’s because the sensor converts the VOC reading to a CO2 equivalent level. This lets you use ASHRAE’s CO2-based VRP schedule to ventilate.

The new BAPI-Stat “Quantum Prime” unit is available as a VOC sensor alone or as a combination temperature and humidity sensor. The optional display alternates between the measured values and is field adjustable between °F or °C. The VOC level is indicated as “Good, Fair or Poor” by three discrete green, yellow and red LED’s on the front of the unit.

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