VC2000 – AC to DC Voltage Converter, 2 Amps

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VC2000 with Backplate and Cartridge Fuse

BAPI’s VC2000 Voltage Converters are accurate, rugged and reliable power sources designed for commercial energy management applications.

The 2 Amp Voltage Converter accepts a 24 VAC input which can be field adjusted to a regulated output of 1.2 VDC to 24 VDC (factory set for 24 VDC). The input can be field configured for full or half wave rectification. The unit includes an output fuse to protect against overload and short circuits, a power indication LED, and is available with or without a backplate on the steel mounting bracket. Self-resetting or cartridge fuses may be specified at the time of order.

  • Compact and Cost-Effective
  • Regulated and Adjustable 1.2 to 24 VDC Output
  • Output Protected Against Overload and Accidental Short Circuit

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