Water Leak Detector


Detection within 5 seconds with local LED indication.

5s Response Time IP66 Rated Enclosure 3 Different Sensor Configurations
The Water Leak Detector is designed to sense the presence of water or conductive liquid and alert a central monitoring system of the potentially destructive situation. Upon water detection situation. Upon water detection, the alarm relays change state, and a local red LED illuminates. The transmitter can be set for latching or non-latching alarm, and normally energized or normally de-energized operation. Available with 5 Amp or 0.5 Amp relays and local red LED indicator.
Attached Sensor Design Rope Sensor Design Remote Sensor Design

Attached Sensor

Rope Sensor

Remote Sensor

Attached SS probe w/ adjustable depth screw from 0.063″ to 0.84″. Remote Long Line Wire Sensor (Rope), Plenum Rated. Detects 1/8″ of water over the full length. Comes in lengths from 25 ft. – 100 ft. Remote Sensor w/ adjustable depth from 0.062″ to 0.5″, mounting to pan with industrial adhesive tape or 0.172″ mounting holes.

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