Event Details

BAPI will be exhibiting our products at HARFKO 2024 in . Stand information will be made available when possible.

What is HARFKO? Korea International Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Exhibition – HARFKO 2024 – is Korea’s representative HVAC&R professional exhibition with 35 years of history!

The organizer, the Korea Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, together with the association’s affiliated Korea Air Science Testing & Research Institute, will strive to enhance the performance of air conditioning systems, strengthen the global competitiveness of participating companies by securing international recognition, and provide a wealth of specialized attractions and information.

HARFKO will become an event for Korea’s largest heating and cooling companies, a practical business venue representing Asia, with you as the main character and revitalizing the event once again.

Accordingly, the 2024 HARFKO exhibition is scheduled to be held simultaneously with the H2MEET 2024 and K-BATTERY SHOW 2024 exhibitions, and will highlight groundbreaking advancements in various technologies such as IoT, big data, etc., the rapidly changing cooling, heating and air conditioning industry, and the diversifying secondary battery and hydrogen industries. We will allow you to experience and see the future in one place!

As inter-industry convergence accelerates, we hope to see the rapidly changing refrigeration and air-conditioning industry environment, and to actively participate and support this exhibition in order to cooperate with related companies, improve image, and strengthen marketing.

Visit the HARFKO 2024 website to learn more.

We look forward to seeing you!