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Every technician could use a little help now and then…

BAPI’s Electronic Technician Assistant (ETA) products are a uniform line of interface and communication devices that complement a DDC installation. They consolidate many of the components being used at present and provide a more complete picture of the system than a laptop computer alone. The ETA devices simplify wiring and troubleshooting by providing a pluggable screw terminal for each and every wire in the system, making it easy to break the system into sections to quickly isolate a problem.


Electronic Technician Assistant

The ETA devices are also a practical and inexpensive way to pick up feedback signals which are currently ignored in many systems, such as non-critical alarm points via a DS8-Discreet Summary Module or actuator feedback signals via and EA2-Modulating Actuator Interface Module. Both of these units, and many other ETA modules, provide convenient LED indication of the signals at the control panel, helping maintenance staff and technicians in troubleshooting without accessing the BAS software.

BAPI ETA devices
ETA DS6R module

DS6R – Dry Switch Monitor

The DS6R module monitors six dry switch closure devices and provides one resistive output to the BAS controller.

EA2 – Actuator Interface, Modulating

Simplifies wiring and troubleshooting of “Belimo®” style modulating actuators with voltage feedback. The EA2 Module shows teh actuator position based on the actuator’s feedback signal as well as the position the BAS controller is requesting.

R49 – Relay Interface, 9 Output

The R49 conserves critical controller space by turning on or off up to nine relays using only one controller output.

DS8 – Discrete Summary Module, 8 Input

The DS8 module accepts up to eight dry contacts and provides a single dry contact signal to the controller when the number of monitored points reaches a user-defined threshold.