Barometric Pressure and Temperature both Impact CO2 Measurement

Due to the constantly changing nature of barometric pressure and temperature and their impact on CO2 measurement, the only way to get an accurate CO2 reading with an NDIR sensor is through temperature and barometric pressure compensation. That’s why all BAPI CO2 sensors have a built in barometric pressure and temperature sensor.

Dynamic CO2 Measurement Compensation

Every twelve seconds the BAPI sensor takes a CO2 reading and then compensates for that value based on the current temperature and barometric pressure conditions. That’s one reason why BAPI’s CO2 sensors are the most accurate in the HVAC/R industry. There is also no need for an HVAC technician to spend valuable time manually entering an altitude value into each and every sensor when it is installed. This makes the BAPI CO2 sensor one of the easiest to install, saving time and money.



BAPI CO2 Sensors

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