BAPI-Box 4 with right side knockout removed

The BAPI-Box 4

Now better than ever!


The BAPI-Box 4 is now better than ever. All BAPI-Box 4 Enclosures now ship with the right side knockout removed. It’s now faster and easier to install the BAPI-Box 4.

BAPI-Box 4 with the plug installed

The Pierceable Knockout Plug


The Pierceable Knockout Plug is available for the open port in the BAPI-Box 4 Enclosure. The plug is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and increases the BAPI-Box 4 Enclosure rating from IP10 to IP44 when installed.

The plug features a pierceable center membrane for easy wire insertion, and when used with the proper diameter cable, forms an excellent cable seal after piercing.

Learn More about the Pierceable Knockout Plug

Plug installation



The plug is easy to install, it simply pops into the open knockout on the BAPI-Box 4. You can pierce the plug using a heavy gauge wire or small screwdriver.

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bb4_small_package bb4_large_package

155 8″ Duct Mount Sensors
BAPI-Box 4
Weight: 24 lbs.

155 8″ Duct Mounts Sensors
Standard J-Box
Weight: 69 lbs.

The BAPI-Box 4 is less than half the size and a third of the weight of the standard J-box.



The BAPI-Box 4 is made from a durable plastic that is flame-rated for plenum applications. All single point temperature sensors available with the BAPI-Box 4 enclosure come with a lifetime warranty. All of BAPI’s products are BAPI-Backed so you can be confident knowing we stand behind our products and you.


An attached, hinged cover


The BAPI-Box 4 has an attached, hinged cover so you don’t have to worry about cover screws or lids while installing. Just make your terminations and snape the cover shut.



The BAPI-Box 4 features closed-cell foam backing so you get a tight seal around the sensor. The enclosure also has 4 external mounting feet so that the sensor stays mounted tight and secure to the duct or wall.

duct_temp_bb4 duct_avg_bb4 duct_averaging_rigid_bb4 remote_sensor_bb4 strap_bb4
Duct Temperature Duct Flexible Averaging Temperature Duct Rigid Averaging Temperature Remote Sensor Temperature Strap Temperature
remote_probe_bb4 remote_ext_bb4 submersible_avg_bb4 submersible_duct_bb4 immersion_nylon_bb4
Remote Probe Temperature Remote Probe Extreme Temperature Submersible Flexible Averaging Temperature Submersible Duct Temperature Immersion Temperature w/ Nylon Fitting

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